Our Services

 Legislative Lobbying

Collectively, Avenue Solutions has several decades of Congressional, Agency and Administration experience that allows us to effectively advise, analyze and advocate for clients’ interests on Capitol Hill. We have extensive experience in the healthcare, energy, tax, trade, education and telecommunications arenas.


 Strategic Planning

Avenue Solutions works with our clients to position them for success. This includes identifying business goals, and creating strategic alliances with public policy initiatives and political activities to further advance core principles and manage risks. While always ready to respond to any crisis situation, being proactive is our main objective.


 Regulatory Expertise

Avenue Solutions has extensive experience working with Executive Branch agencies to help clients navigate the regulatory process. This includes analyzing the impact of various rules and regulations on businesses and industries and advising how to best position clients to successfully recommend and achieve changes to rules promulgated by the Administration.


 Third Party Outreach

Avenue Solutions maintains strong relationships with advocacy organizations, trade associations, think tanks, policy and thought leaders, and communications and grassroots firms. Aligning clients with these third party organizations can bring added strength, credibility and resources to any policy debate.


 Coalition Building

Avenue Solutions has helped build, manage, run and work with multiple coalitions. We know how to work with diverse interests, find common ground, create unified messages and advocate for shared goals to help achieve specific objectives.


 Crisis Management

Avenue Solutions understands how challenging it can be for clients to receive inquiries from the press or Congressional committees or to be the target of a proposed regulation or legislation that threatens their business model. We have extensive experience helping clients assess these threats, devise a strategy to mitigate or eliminate the problem and help manage through the crisis effectively.


 Political Strategy

No matter how strong or well-crafted a policy idea or legislative strategy may be, politics inevitably come into play. Avenue Solutions simultaneously incorporates the impact of politics into our legislative and policy work. Our team is very active in the national political scene and helps successfully position clients to navigate the politics as well as the legislative and regulatory processes associated with their key issues.