Yvette Fontenot

Yvette Fontenot is a Partner at Avenue Solutions, a health care policy, legislative strategy and communications consulting firm.  Yvette develops and implements targeted and comprehensive policy on behalf of health care clients including employers, insurers and providers.  She develops and pursues advocacy and communications strategies to increase the chances of favorable legislative consideration within the Congress or administrative action in the Executive Branch and to improve reception toward particular favored policies.

Prior to joining Avenue Solutions, Yvette was the Deputy Director of the Office of Health Reform at the Department of Health and Human Services.  The office is charged with developing policy and coordinating and clearing all matters related to the Affordable Care Act and providing outreach to Congress and other stakeholders with interests in health care reform.

Previously, Yvette was a Senior Advisor in the White House Office of Health Reform.  At the White House, Yvette was responsible for coordinating the Administration’s work on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  She also briefed and advised senior White House officials about aspects of the legislation and implementation efforts.

Yvette served as Professional Staff with the Senate Finance Committee where she had principle responsibility for provisions of the Affordable Care Act such as individual and employer responsibility requirements, tax credits for the purchase of health coverage, health insurance exchanges, health insurance rating reform, and consumer protection proposals.  She also advised Chairman Baucus and Committee members on health insurance reform legislation before the Committee and Congress.

Yvette has also served as Professional Staff for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce in the U.S. House of Representatives for Democratic Congressman John D. Dingell; as Senior Legislative Advisor for Health Policy for Senator John D. Rockefeller; and as an analyst for the Office of Management and Budget.  In these capacities, Yvette developed, analyzed, and estimated the budgetary and programmatic impacts of and pursued legislation affecting Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program with a focus on physician, prescription drug and hospital reimbursement. She currently sits on the Board of Experts of Axios News.

Yvette received her Masters degree from the University of Chicago (June 1997) and her Bachelors degree from Duke University (May 1994).